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Lawrence Pohl
Born in New Mexico
48 years
Family Tree
Katha Gardner September 3, 2012

I met your grandson for the first time this past weekend.
 watching him  and his daddy here in my living room, was like watching a memory of you and your son  being played on a life size screen. 
 you  live on in your children and their children.

Here's a holiday  picture  you would have  toaly  cracked  up  over .

For some reason that holiday dinner we had at your house where you and Shelly lived up in Mountainair , when we butchered those ducks and that goose for our holiday dinner .

All the holiday dinners we enjoyed over the years all seem to run togather as one long line of enjoyment except that one. It stands out as a more then usalral special day . Maybe it's because the dinner meat was some I had rasied myself and we butchered them the day we ate them , over the years we have been in on the butchering of lots of home grown meat so I don't know why those damn ducks and that freaking 'mr. loud mouth ' goose would be any different .

Our kids were all very young , Jason was about a second grader , Alicia and Maurice were in first grade . Verna was about 3 and Sara was still a baby in diapers . Little Larry was still a gleam in you and Shelly's eye's .... lol

Now those silly little brats are all grown ( except for my Verna) with silly little brats of their own . Some of them aren't so little ,they are young teenagers .
I miss you so MUCH Adolph .

love Kat.


 Adolph,  I find  myself  wishing  I had inherited  that   trait  you  had s o much of.

 The one  that  let you  allow  bygones  to be  bygones .

  There is an old  saying , ' Rotten  things happen o  good people , and  Rotten people  happen  to good things'

  When you  passed by  both  pars of that saying a about  It  s  rottman thing  that  such  a good person  as self  passed away ,  and  trusted people  turned  rotten  and  happened  all over  your  good  plans .

  And the more time that passes  the  more  their rotten  actions   weigh heavy  on my  mind.


  That  last ripi we took to Arizona  has been on my mind  the past few days.

  I  really was very impressed with  how you hauled  that 80 ton piece of equipment  down the highway as ft  were nothing bigger then a  6 horse stock trailer.  And on the way back  when you got on the CB and was rattling those bull haulers chain for having them bright  shinning  chicken lights... how you laughed right out loud into that mike  at that one that was talking smack about  pulling over and teaching you what the hell a "REAL " bull hauler thought of some wanna be truck driver  calling him a chicken hauler.  You were laughing so hard you had to slow down and when that chicken hauler seen that he put the petal to metal and hauled  ass, that made you you laugh even harder  when  you could finally speak, you hollered  at that chicken hauler that he would  have to at least  slow down  if  he was going to teach "this wannabe trucker" anything ,,,



 It has 'come home' to me just how much you were instrumental in keeping the family in touch. I haven't heard from or not several members of the family in the over 2 1/2 years you have been gone. 

  Sometimes  when the phone rings  as I'm going to answer it , the thought will slide past in my head " I hope that's Adolph" and  of course the next thought hits my heart because I remember you won't be calling me .

  I am so blessed to have known the kind of love you showed me every day of our years we had as siblings .

 I miss you .

 Love Kat

Aunt Glenna

Thanks, Katha,  for your loving attention to Larry's memory site.   My special memory of Larry is from the Thanksgiving Day he spent with my family and me in 2005.   He used to stop to visit when he was passing through this way,  and of course he could not stay long,  but I am glad my sons got to spend a little time getting to know their cousin.   On that Thanksgiving day,  my small house was full,  and we got pretty noisy  -  Jim's wife, Erin,  and Larry each had a big turkey leg,  and they  kept everyone laughing  because they were trading friendly insults and laughing at each other.

 It is great to know that Larry's brood of grand-daughters will have such wonderful memories of their grandpa.


how do i even begin to tell you how much my dadddy meant to me? he was a one of a kind type of man . for all you who dont know he was not my father by blood but you never ever told him or for that sake me that he was not my real father. you know it takes someone special to take on the responsilbility of raising a child that is not biologically theirs but MY DADDY did that and i will always be so greatful to him for the rest of my life. him and i had a very special bond that was to never be broken. i miss him si much at time that i feel i cant go on. he would have never wanted that for me. i have recently went back to school and he is the biggest reason besides my three little ladies that pushed me towards is a struggle going back to school after almost fifteen yeard but i am totally dedicated because of this special man. i can sometimes hear him say "you can do this baby girl" dont give up. i will always be his baby girl and he will always be the most important man in my life!!!!
Shaun & Viki

Uncle Adolph was always giving. We got extremity close to him when he

moved back into Mountainair for a while a time ago.

Not only did we get close to him but our children did as well.

They took to him right away.

He was always giving. Even if it was all he had he would give it just so he could help. He loved his family and most off all his children and

grandchildren very much. He always gave them is all and more.

Because to him if they didn't have or they weren't happy

then if wasn't good enough.

When he was living here in Mountainair he went by our house one night after work to eat dinner and we had just bought a DVD of the R&B singer Ciara.

He made us laugh because he was all into their videos.

Of course the kids where ex static because he was so into the music videos.

He danced with the kids and made them laugh. For those who know Uncle Adolph know of what I speak.

We miss him dearly and will always keep him in our hearts. For if we let go then he will be forgotten and that will then make his efforts in life in vein.

For as long as we hold on to those memories and

the love he gave at any cost he will always be present not only

in our hearts but in spirits as well.


Larry, was a Father first, last and always to his 3 kids

right up until those grand daughters started showing up (6 in all)

and then he just moved right

up onto that Grandpa cloud #9.

Larry was one of those people that had 110%  to

give to those of us lucky enough to be his loved ones. 

He was Wades and my Brother  ,LUCKY US Larry was a heavy haul OTR driver for the last 8 years

and before that, just anything with enough wheels and road under it.
We will forever keep his love close and be blessed with the memories,


This photo is not the greatest quality

but the smiles on Larry sr. kids faces tells the story

of his love for his kids.


There are so many memories some good, some silly some, ill legal ,,lol,,

some scary,, But I would'nt change or trade not one of the 47 years of being blessed with you as my brother

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